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What Our Partners Have to Say

Maria E. Roldan, Business Development Manager at Natural Calm Canada

LeBeau has been instrumental in the success and growth of our brand. We’re proud to partner with a company that cares about us. Their team is hardworking and loyal, and their leaders are some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry.



Birkby Foods

Birkby Foods has been working with Lebeau for a few years now. Their continuous dedication to finding products that fit our demographic has been both rewarding to us but more importantly to our customers. The Lebeau team are extremely knowledgeable and supportive in all aspects of the broker business.

Bill Klahr, Director of Sales for

Stash Tea

Since partnering with LeBeau Excel, the Stash Tea Company has experienced excellent professional advice, elevated attention to detail and unparalleled efficiencies. 


LeBeau Excel employees know the Canadian natural health industry and have key contacts with all the right players.  They also provide a much closer relationship to the larger grocery accounts, compared to larger brokers that only focus on their largest vendors.  My key account manager assigned to the Stash Tea line has had extensive experience in the specialty food category (including distribution experience), and his understanding and direction for the category has been outstanding.


It has been a pleasure working with Matt and his team and we look forward to growing together. 

Rick McKelvey, VP Sales & Marketing, O'Doughs

September 18, 2020


The Fall season is one of my least favorite times on my business calendar year given the grueling budgeting and promotion-building process. In my 35-year career building brands within North America, LeBeau Excel is the best of the best in terms of “forcing” me to attend to the process. They present concrete sales data, recap the previous year promo plan and present a well-thought out recommendation for going forward….all of which makes the process more manageable. Over my 10-year involvement with Matt and his team, I have witnessed the Company grow, through keen management and timely investment in sales personnel and internal infrastructure, into one of the very best broker companies I have had the pleasure of working with. There are many metrics a vendor uses to “measure” broker performance, but the rubber hits the road from the inside word a vendor receives from key retailer and distributor partners. LeBeau shines in this metric. We look forward to continuing to grow with this outstanding team.


To continued partnership

Roland Siegmund, Director of Purchasing at Nature's Fare

Dear Hartley, 


It’s hard to believe it’s been over 6 years since you started as our LeBeau Excel Broker Representative!


I just wanted to take the opportunity to extend my sincerest appreciation, on behalf of all of us here at head office and our stores, for all your service and care all these years. You have earned the respect of our entire team, and we are grateful for the skills and dynamism you bring to our growing business. You are indeed a true friend of Nature’s Fare Markets.


Thank you again for all your dedications and efforts over the years and we look forward to building many more years of success, together!

Sandy Goodyear, Account Manager at

Purity Life

This is a pleasure to write as I find LeBeau such an easy brokerage to deal with, great products and programs always presented to us in a clear, concise, and timely way.

What has made doing business with LeBeau even better is the excellent support of my Vancouver Island broker, Debbi DePape.  She is always prompt to reply to any questions or needs I may have and we work together so well, frequently brainstorming for ways to bring great offers to our retailers and grow their businesses and therefore ours.

And the best part is, it is done with energy, professionalism, and a lot of fun too! There is most definitely a partnership when working with Le Beau and Debbi.

Kelly Seitz, Natural Foods & Vitamin Manager at Nutter's

Lebeau Excel has been a great Broker partner over the years, representing several very strong brands for the Nutters chain. My key contact, Hartley Berg, has been excellent to work with – very helpful in providing co-op advertising funds for existing brands as well as offering great introductory offers on new lines and extensions. 

Barb, Owner of Honey & Ginger

We feel very fortunate to be supported by amazing reps like the Courtenay/Blossom team! Whether it’s a question about a particular product, a product line or specifics related to an order, we know we can always count on them to do their best to find the answers we’re looking for. And most importantly, they are always a pleasure to deal with… even if it’s not always the answer we’re hoping for, a cheerful response goes a long way in this business. Looking forward to getting back to our regular in-person visits. We miss you. Thank you ladies!

Heather Miller, Account Manager at

Purity Life

Working with broker reps is such an important aspect of my job as a distributor rep. It really does make a huge difference when a brand has a broker rep to support it. Not all brokers are created equal though.


LeBeau has always been top notch in how they handle their brands and business. A huge part of being so excellent as a brokerage is who they hire to represent them. I can honestly say that working with Belinda is so amazing. To have someone who knows and understands not only the brands, but the customer too. Then to partner with me as the distributor rep to ensure execution is flawless. She makes the customers happy and makes it so easy to work with her.


The attention to detail in her emails and orders is on point. She is also great fun to know and talk to. I can always count on an honest conversation with Belinda and I look forward to talking when we get the chance. If there are issues to sort through we have an easy time working together to resolve.

Heather Miller, Account Manager at

Purity Life

Working with Eamonn has been so fun since the first time we met. He truly is the best distributor rep in the business! As a broker rep there are a lot of moving parts and a lot of people to coordinate with. Eamonn is not only professional he is a really nice guy. I am not sure how he pulls it off, but he is always available day or night to respond to emails. He has an effortless way about him and it’s truly refreshing. The brands that are brokered by Eamonn are very lucky to have him representing them and I am lucky to have him in my region to partner with as a distributor rep.

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